( U N O F F I C I A L )



Niusereset Besa Sopdetmuti

Niusereset was borned in mid 1980's in South Bohemia, Czech Republic and he is one of the few czech kemetics (kemetism in Czech Republic is still unorganised) and he is in contact with French kemetics since autumn 2005.

Besa Sopdetmuti was borned in late 1970's in Vendée, France. In years 2004 - 2010 she had an important role in French kemetic group Ta-Noutri and during years 2010 - 2011 she participated in S.E.M.A.T. Ankhty, successional kemetic group of ceased Ta-Noutri.

In 2007 he created several suggestions for symbols to represent the kemetism, regardless of the number of different kemetic groups, including several variations for the kemetic flag.

It was her, who introduced to Niusereset the ancient symbol sema tawy and its meaning: unity. It was also her idea to combine symbols ankh and sema tawy, as well as the choice of the flag pattern from suggested versions and the final choice of the colour for the middle stripe.